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SNAP Program

FOTAS' Fix a Pet Program 
FOTAS is leading an effort in Aiken County to reduce our homeless dog and cat pet population through this program.  FOTAS is committed to reducing the number of unwanted pets in our County and thus reduce the number of animals coming into our animal shelter.

In 2013, FOTAS organized and funded 227 citizen-owned pet cat and dog surgeries plus organized many pick  ups of these animals in the county to transport them to the surgery clinic at the SPCA. 

FOTAS' Fix a Pet Program identifies and prioritizes specific hotspots in the County and concentrates its resources primarily on one hotspot at a time in order of priority.  Once the population is under control in a targeted area, it will move it's concentration to the next area.  "It's a known fact that unless
 75% of the dog and cat population in specific area are spayed or neutered, you'll never stop the unwanted strays," says Dr. Charlie Timmerman, a FOTAS Board member and local veterinarian.  Read about the Wagener Pilot Program.

Aiken County does have a low-cost spay/neuter voucher program available on a limited basis the first of each month at the Aiken County Animal Shelter for those who have a financial need.

A woman named Carol cared enough to start the spay/neuter voucher program.  We need your help to keep it going.

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Make a one time gift online, in any amount, for Spay/Neuter Vouchers.  All donations are appreciated!

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      Spay/Neuter Automatic Monthly Donations

This is a fantastic option for those who may like to make a smaller monthly gift to support the FOTAS Fix a Pet Program for Aiken County Animals.  Each month your donation adds up!

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A small monthly donation adds up to help a lot of animals over time!

Installment Options

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"Unless someone like you care a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

__Dr. Seuss

  FOTAS Contact:
  PO Box 2207
  Aiken SC 29802
Click to read about the benefits of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Programs
Contact the County Shelter for TNR assistance. For your safety Animal Control will Trap the feral cat(s), Spay or Neuter, then Return for you. Watch this helpful Video to see about the feral cat problem in Aiken County
  2 Litters of Puppies at a FOTAS foster home.
  Please spay/neuter your pet.
Help gua
rantee their offspring, won't be found along the side of the road!

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