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Free TNR Program Saved Community Cats and Made Life Better

It started when a good neighbor needed to move. He left his feral cat colony, so my husband began feeding them. But years later, we found ourselves with more than 30 cats in two colonies. We knew we had to do something soon! Last fall, a viral infection or inbreeding caused uncountable and horrible kitten […]

No Time for a Dog? How about Some Dog Time!

Every Saturday afternoon, after the volunteers have gone home, after the animals have been fed and the kennels cleaned, as staff attends to the paperwork of another adoption week at the Aiken County Animal Shelter – that’s when Kelly Meyers comes to the shelter. He stops in the lobby and asks Bob Gordon at the […]

A Challenge Named Biscuit

I recently faced my most challenging case since I started working at the shelter. Biscuit was a “neighborhood dog.” The woman who brought him in said he showed up every few days and she would feed him. She had not seen him for three days when he showed up that Tuesday morning. She called the […]

Fosters urgently needed to save lives of homeless animals

FOTAS urgently needs volunteers to foster shelter animals. Spring has officially arrived, so a wave of homeless puppies and kittens is heading our way. We’ve already received some stray momma dogs and cats with their little ones, as well as orphaned pups and kittens found all alone. These babies need temporary homes where they can […]

Kitten overcomes hawk attack to win second chance at life

A 2-month-old kitten vs. a hungry hawk or other raptor is hardly a fair fight and, barring a miracle, results in a quick, gruesome death for the feline. Meet Feather, the Shelter’s miracle kitten, who somehow survived such an attack. She was brought to the Aiken County Animal Shelter (ACAS) with gashes to her neck […]

Bobby Arthurs — a shelter manager with a big heart

A lot of things have changed at the Aiken County Animal Shelter over the past ten years since Bobby Arthurs became the County’s Chief Enforcement Officer and Shelter Manager, and he has been witness to it all. When he started in 2007, intake at the Shelter was 5,000-6,000 animals a year and 10% or fewer […]

The numbers tell the story

By Joanna Dunn Samson, FOTAS Vice President In the five short years since the new Aiken County Animal Shelter opened its doors, the Shelter has steadily increased the number of animals saved from a meager 29% to a whooping 83% so far in 2017 (despite record high intake during the summer). This remarkable save rate […]