Monthly Archives: August 2015

Adopted County Shelter Cats Adjust Beautifully to Their New Homes

  By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Communications Director and Volunteer Linda Knox McLean didn’t choose Tommy when she went to the Aiken County Animal Shelter to adopt a cat – it was the other way around. Tommy, a stocky, three-year-old, brown tabby chose her. “I walked into the cat adoption room to check out the cats, […]

There’s Nothing Like Puppy Love and Now You Can Get Two for One

  By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Volunteer and Communications Director “Happiness is a warm puppy.”  ― Charles M. Schulz There is nothing cuter or more loving than a puppy. Everything is new and exciting for pups, their eyes wide with curiosity, their tails perpetually wagging, and their hearts filled with unconditional love. Like all infants, puppies also […]

The ACAS Code Red dogs: How are they doing in their new homes?

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Communications Director and Volunteer In mid-July, the Aiken County Animal Shelter FOTAS put out a Code Red for seven dogs that were at risk of being euthanized because of the extraordinarily high intake and consequent overcrowding at the shelter. FOTAS quickly dispersed a desperate plea for help, leveraging its network of […]

Love your pet? Then fix your pet!

By Joanna D. Samson, FOTAS Vice President.  What do Lucy, Skye, Olivia, Zeus, Roberta, Harley, Andrew, Bane, Butch, Zach, Dante, Buster, Milo, Brees, Leroy, Triscit, Biscuit, Snowhite, Alberta, Rowdy, Axel, Rory, Destiny, and Tamara have in common? Other than being canines who ended up at the Aiken County Animal Shelter through no fault of their […]