Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Magic of Shelter Pets

By Joanna D. Samson, Vice President, FOTAS My husband David swears that shelter dogs are grateful, that they know they have been saved and that you saved them, and that their love and devotion are expressions of that gratitude. Now I can’t say for sure that our Maggie dog’s love is an expression of gratitude […]

Loving the “Pibbles”

By Joanna D. Samson, FOTAS Vice President   There is much to love about our Pibbles: the sleek, athletic build, the endless energy, the big square head, the affectionate nature, the big goofy smile with the impossibly long tongue that hangs out of the side of their mouth when they’re happy. Like our golden boy, […]

Want a longer, happier life? Adopt a shelter animal in need

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications If you needed another reason to go to the Aiken County Animal Shelter and adopt a homeless pet in need, here’s a big one: having a dog or cat at your home can help you live a longer, happier life. Research shows that living with pets helps lower […]