Monthly Archives: November 2016

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for those of us at FOTAS—a time to take stock of our blessings; to consider the remarkable progress we and the County have made in making the world a better place for Aiken County’s homeless, abandoned and abused animals; and in particular, to celebrate the many people who have […]

There’s more than one way to adopt a County Shelter cat

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications Cats are fascinating creatures. They entertain us with their acrobatics, keep our homes free of mice with their hunting skills, and head butt us and purr to share their love and happiness. Not to mention they clean and groom themselves, don’t need to be taken for walks and […]

Every day is Veterans Day at the Aiken County Animal Shelter

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications This Friday, November 11, is Veterans Day, a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served in our military. For a 24-hour period, Americans stand united in honor of our veterans and the good work and sacrifices they have made for our country. But […]

A happy day in Aiken: The FOTAS Woofstock Festival and Doxie Derby

By Joanna D. Samson, FOTAS Vice President I am, by nature, an optimistic person, but recently my cheery nature has been put to the test. The nastiness of the presidential election is depressing. The violence in the Middle East is escalating. North Carolina pig farms are polluting the environment. Cholera has broken out in Haiti. […]