Monthly Archives: December 2017

Resolving to do better by our animals

It’s that time again—the end of one year and the promise of a new one. Most of us (myself included) resolve to be better—to exercise more, lose weight, spend less time on our cell phones—and although our resolve is genuine, our willpower and attention span are, shall we say, less than perfect. My own New […]

FOTAS: Christmas spirit, gratitude and saving animals

Every Sunday, the ‘Aiken Standard’ allows us this space to tell you about the Aiken County Animal Shelter, FOTAS and the plight of the 5000 homeless animals consigned to the Shelter every year, and we are deeply appreciative for that opportunity. Over the years, we have used this column to tell you about initiatives designed […]

FOTAS volunteers get back as much as they give to shelter animals

With Christmas just a week away, FOTAS Volunteer John Berk reflects on what he will be doing on the holiday. His children are coming to visit and he and his wife, Sally, have plans to celebrate with them. But he also plans to make another stop. “I’m sure I’ll be at the shelter on Christmas […]

Service dog Blue brings blessings to veteran who adopted him

Wherever Reverend Bill Kline goes, Blue is close by his side. A veteran who suffers from many health problems, Kline adopted the four-year-old, 62-pound Siberian Husky just three months ago from the County Shelter. However, the pair quickly developed a strong connection and now Kline can’t imagine being without his large canine companion. “Blue’s my […]

FOTAS needs your Christmas spirit

“Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.” Henry Ward Beecher It’s the time of year when the spirit of Christmas thrives. It’s a time for gratitude, for family and friends. It’s a time to rejoice our faith. It’s a time for love. It is also a time for charitable giving, and if your […]