Monthly Archives: January 2018

FOTAS volunteer Leah Holt gives unwanted cats a second chance at health and happiness

Over the last 16 months, FOTAS Volunteer Leah Holt has given three unwanted cats the happiness and security that comes with having a forever home. She adopted all three from the Aiken County Animal Shelter (ACAS), including Boots, a young, scrawny black cat; Footie, an 11-year-old, chunky Tuxedo cat; and Nutmeg, a six-month-old, blind Siamese […]

Bobby Arthurs — a shelter manager with a big heart

A lot of things have changed at the Aiken County Animal Shelter over the past ten years since Bobby Arthurs became the County’s Chief Enforcement Officer and Shelter Manager, and he has been witness to it all. When he started in 2007, intake at the Shelter was 5,000-6,000 animals a year and 10% or fewer […]

Testimony of a FOTAS volunteer

The success of reducing the live release rate from 5% to 85% at the Aiken County Animal Shelter over the past ten years and saving 4,079 animals this year is in no small part a testament to the passion and commitment of FOTAS volunteers. They come to the Shelter, without fail, every day (including holidays) […]

Loving a senior dog like our sweet Arthur

Arthur is a handsome, 7-year old retriever-cross with four white socks and a gray muzzle. He was found wandering on the road, dumped by his owner—confused, scared, half-starved, hair falling out. Just like he did the day he was found, he perks up whenever a car drives by or pulls into the Aiken County Animal […]