Wonderful Weekend Launch: Fifty Felines Adoptable for Free

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Communications Director and Volunteer

Wow, what a wonderful weekend for the animals at the County Shelter! Yesterday, FOTAS held its Pre-Holiday Yard Sale, with all proceeds going to the orphaned animals, and launched an amazing adoption special that allows the shelter to waive the adoption fees for 50 spayed/neutered cats.

With the shelter taking in so many orphaned cats and kittens this fall, FOTAS is very thankful to the organizations and individuals who collectively sponsored and paid the adoption fees for 50 fixed felines. The generous donors are: Best Friends Animal Society, Jane Ellenberg, Hollister Houghton, Joanna Samson, My Aiken Body and Kelly Paint & Body.

Thanks to them, these cats will be available to adopters for free instead of the standard $35 fee. That means there has never been a better time to visit the shelter and adopt a feline companion. Whether you are looking for a lap cat, a frisky kitten or an aggressive mouser – now is the time to add a furry, purring friend to your home.

Here is a small sampling of the fantastic felines waiting for you at the County shelter:

Scrunchy – Big, orange and confident, this handsome guy has it all. The three-year-old Tabby would make a terrific family kitty but also has all the tools to be a fine barn cat.

Lucille – Only seven months old, this orange and white girl is the ultimate cuddle mate. She mothers the other kittens in the Cat Adoption Facility, sometimes grooming them or letting them nuzzle her as they sleep.

Hobbs and Brownie – This brother and sister duo are inseparable. Always grooming each other or wrestling, the two gorgeous, three-month-old, gray Tabbies are ideal family pets.

Oscar – Big and loveable, Oscar has been at the shelter far too long and needs a home. Very sweet and affectionate, this two-year-old is a fantastic companion and lap cat.

Avalon – This small, 8-month-old brown Tabby is a social butterfly that loves to play. Inquisitive and bold, Avalon is a great choice for any family or individual.

Donald –Strong and tough, this sleek, black coated, young adult was born to be a barn cat. Sometimes aggressive with other cats, “the Don” is affectionate with people but rodents and other small critters best beware when he’s around.

Ailin – Cute and cuddly, this little lad likes to climb and has been known to jump on staff members’ backs when they lean down to clean his kitten condo. Black with white markings, the three-month-old Ailin is a striking looking feline.

Diva – A staff favorite, this three-month-old kitten is shiny black and has a big personality. Always ready to play or be held, Diva (who is not at all a diva) will make someone a wonderful companion.

For more information about the 50 cat adoptions special and to view photos and descriptions of cats and kittens available at the County shelter, please visit the FOTAS website at www.fotasaiken.org.

Their lives are in our hands…