Kittens are just $10 at Aiken County Animal Shelter through July 16

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications

They just keep coming. Stray mama cats with their babies, litters of kittens surrendered by people who cannot afford the additional felines and even some lone kittens found along the side of a road, in the woods, or callously left on private property. The influx of purring babies is steady and relentless. There are 27 spayed/neutered kittens ready to be adopted in the shelter lobby and many more on deck over at intake, eager to get their chance to be seen on the adoption floor.

To address this flood of kittens, FOTAS and the County Shelter just launched a $10 Kitten Special that will continue through July 16. The shelter is also extending its $10 June adoption special for black cats and tuxedo (black with white) through this date. The adoption fee for felines (normally $35) includes spay/neuter surgery, all vaccines and a microchip.
These tiny, furry purr monsters desperately need homes and FOTAS is hoping the $10 adoption special will encourage people to adopt them. We are also bringing kittens to the Aiken PetSmart store on Saturdays. Yesterday morning, the shelter’s veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Levy, took kittens to the store and in subsequent weeks, FOTAS volunteers will rotate to display and adopt kittens on Saturday mornings. All the feline toddlers are happy, friendly and family ready so people can select the ones they want and take them straight home from PetSmart!
Of course, the ONLY way to curb the current parade of homeless kittens is for EVERYONE to spay/neuter their cats. If you have feral cats that need to be neutered, FOTAS has a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program. The County also provides traps and can do a limited amount of spay/neuter surgeries for feral and community cats. If you need financial assistance with spay/neutering your domesticated cat or dog, the County has vouchers you can apply for at the shelter and FOTAS can also help through the Fix-A-Pet Program. Please call our Fix-a-Pet hotline (803) 507-6315 if you need assistance.

With that said, here are just some of the many wonderful kittens now available in the shelter lobby:
Dustin – black, loves people, he will jump out of his cat condo onto your shoulder.
Missy – black and gray Tabby, will kiss your cheek when you hold her, cuddler.
Tara – muted Calico, love bug, she’s been here the longest of all the kittens.
Granger – black, very athletic, likes to climb human beings, sweet.
Delancy – male gray Tabby, white chest and paws, pretty boy.
Vidal -different shades of gray, fantastic eye markings, laid back and friendly.
George – an orange, easy-going boy who lives with his bestie and look-alike, Jericho.
Mirella – a brown and black Tabby, the lovable runt of the litter, so pretty!

For more information about the FOTAS $10 Kitten Adoption Special, please go to or call the Aiken County Animal Shelter, (803) 642-1537. And if you haven’t had your pet fixed, please DO IT.
Their lives are in our hands…