Love Cats? This Month’s ‘Touch of Gray’ Promotion Is for You

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Volunteer and Cat Correspondent

The current collection of adoptable cats at the Aiken County Animal Shelter includes felines of all colors and sizes, making it a challenge to choose just one to take home. But now through July 11, cats that are completely gray, partly gray or just have a touch of gray are on sale for half price ($17.50).

The animal shelter’s cat adoption building (with both inside and outside visiting areas) is ideal for getting to know the cats and choosing one or two to take home. In large rooms with tall cat trees, beds and a variety of toys, you can play with the cats, watch them play with each other, or just relax with a friendly feline in your lap.

Here are some things to think about when selecting a new cat.

What do you want in a companion? Do you want a family cat to play with? Do you want a kitty that spends much of her time on your lap? Or maybe you want a barn cat who loves the outdoors and the thrill of a good mouse hunt.

Adult or a kitten? With adult cats, what you see is usually what you get.  You can assess his personality and disposition, which is unlikely to change. But a kitten’s personality is not yet fully developed so it can be impossible to know what kind of attitude and relationship they will have with you until they mature.

Outdoor or indoor cat? If you want a cat that will spend part of his time outdoors, you don’t want to select a small, timid feline. You want one that can handle himself and tends to be a more dominant personality.

How much time do you have for your cat?  Although far more independent than dogs and capable of entertaining themselves for long periods of time, cats are social animals that can get lonely by themselves. So, if you are going to be at work most of the day, think about adopting an older cat or, even better, two cats that get along – maybe siblings.

Here are a few of the fabulous felines waiting for you at the County Shelter:

Perseus looks like a tough guy, but underneath those 10 pounds of muscle is a real love bug. Perseus was the first hero in Greek mythology, and this Perseus can be your hero, too.

Marbles, a gorgeous muted Tortoise shell cat, loves nothing more than a warm lap and a scratch behind the ears. Gentle and affectionate, she’s an extrovert that wants to get to know you

Cinnamon is a dominant cat and pretty much the boss of everyone. Picky about her companions, she can be sweet to the right person and would be a happy barn cat or the queen of a one-cat household with no young children.

Come visit the County Shelter at 333 Wire Road, where there are so many healthy, amazing animals that just need a home, a little love and a second chance. Their lives are in our hands.


February 2015 – May 2015

FOTAS organized and paid for the spay/neuter surgeries of  79 community cats (TNR) and 106 pets owned by citizens in need of assistance in fixing their dogs and cats- 185 animals fixed in total