Now is the time to adopt a feline: $10 special on black and tuxedo cats

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications

If you are thinking about adding a cat or kitten to your home, now is the time to do it. Not only is the shelter filled to the brim with felines, but the adoption fee for all spay/neutered black and tuxedo (black and white) cats this month is just $10. That includes all vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and microchip!

Twenty-one kittens, many of which are black or tuxedos, are playing or napping in the lobby of the Aiken County Animal Shelter (ACAS), waiting to be adopted and taken to their forever homes. Just outside, in the cat adoption facility, are 19 adult cats also hoping to be adopted. We also have eight shelter cats at the PetSmart store in Aiken that need homes, plus many more housed at the intake section of the shelter, eager to get their chance on the adoption floor.

You might be wondering, “Why are the black and tuxedo cats singled out for this month’s $10 special adoption fee?” Well, there are two reasons we focused on them. First, we currently have a lot of cats and kittens sporting these coat colors; and second, black cats are often overlooked by adopters. In fact, black felines are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors.

Apparently, despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century, this sad statistic exists because people still associate black cats with bad luck. This myth dates back to the Middle Ages when black cats were associated with witchcraft.  In truth, many cultures associate black felines with virtue and nobility. Black cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt and are considered lucky in Japan, England, Scotland, Italy and France.

Need more evidence that black cats are awesome and far from harbingers of ill luck? Come to the Shelter at 333 Wire Road and visit these regal animals to see for yourself.

Here are just some of the black and tuxedo cats and kittens (most babes are about 2 months old) available for adoption:

Granger: male, short hair, black kitten – loves to be held, purr monster
Iago: male, short hair, black cat – large, 8 years old, velvet fur, regal
Danny & Ernie: brothers, short hair, black kittens – tiny, always wrestling
Burt & Carol: siblings, long hair, black kittens – cuddly fur balls, purring machines
Nin: female, short hair, black cat – petite, 3 years old, gorgeous face
Adelaide: female, long hair, black kitten – white undercoat, sweet and cuddly

Ricky and Turner: brothers, classic tuxedo kittens – rambunctious, climbers
Sweet Pea: female, coat has more white than black – tiny, 2 years old, loves people

As noted, the shelter is at capacity and more strays and homeless animals are coming in all the time. If you are looking for a cat (or dog), there is one looking for you at the County Shelter. Please go there today and meet your new furry, loving companion and give them a good home.

Their lives are in our hands…

Bobby Arthurs, Aiken County Animal Shelter manager, holds Ricky and Turner
Bobby Arthurs, Aiken County Animal Shelter manager, holds Ricky and Turner