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Doggy Treadmill Works Wonders at the County Shelter

When someone suggested to FOTAS a few months ago that using a doggy treadmill at the Aiken County Animal Shelter would help our shy, scared dogs and overly-energetic dogs to adapt faster, I was skeptical. But when I spoke with Susi Cohen, an amazing dog trainer who helps us with behavioral issues, she was all […]

FOTAS and USC Aiken Partner on Program that Helps Save Shelter Dogs’ Lives

When you take Dr. Meredith Elzy’s Behavior Modification class at USC Aiken, not only do you learn the key concepts of this psychology therapy in a regular classroom setting, but you also make weekly visits to the Aiken County Animal Shelter to learn how to train homeless dogs. “My role is taking what students are […]

Free Training Session Included with Every ACAS Dog Adoption

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Communications Director Susi Cohen comes with every dog adoption at the Aiken County Animal Shelter (ACAS). Or, rather, her expertise and guidance does. As the shelter’s expert dog trainer, she provides a free, private session for everyone who gives an ACAS dog or puppy a forever home. “When dogs leave from […]