There’s Nothing Like Puppy Love and Now You Can Get Two for One


By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Volunteer and Communications Director

Happiness is a warm puppy.”  ― Charles M. Schulz

There is nothing cuter or more loving than a puppy. Everything is new and exciting for pups, their eyes wide with curiosity, their tails perpetually wagging, and their hearts filled with unconditional love.

Like all infants, puppies also demand a lot of time, work and responsibility. But the reward of watching them grow and develop into adults is well worth the extra effort and expense.

Currently, the Aiken County Animal Shelter is nearly overrun by canine cuties that need forever homes. Witnessing the despair of such innocent, defenseless animals that have been picked up as strays or surrendered by their owners is heartbreaking. The solution to this crisis is not easy but it starts with getting pets spayed or neutered and finding homes for as many of them as possible.

That’s why FOTAS and the County Shelter just launched its first ever “Puppy Love 2 for 1” promotion. With this first ever offer, if you adopt a puppy at regular price ($70), you can get a second puppy from the same litter for free. This promotion, valid through Aug. 31, is not only a good deal but also boosts the chances for siblings to be adopted together to the same forever home. The adoption fee includes worming, vaccinations, neutering/spaying and micro-chipping.

A look at some of the available litters:

Leroy, Tabitha, Vicky and Tonya. These nearly identical brown Retriever mix pups are a sight to see when they play together. Leroy is easiest to spot with his white back, chest and feet. But his sisters look like they could be identical triplets. Tabitha has a white chest and some white on her nose; Vicky just has white on her chest; and Tonya is slightly darker than the others. All are sweet and highly capable of licking you to death.

Marissa, Monique, Nora, Rambo, Marco and Roman. This retriever/collie mix brood likes to stick together. The adorable family is just 10 weeks old, with all of them black or chocolate in color with white chests.

Jasmine, Zooey and Chester. These Shepherd mix siblings are still getting used to their new surroundings. Jasmine is caramel brown with white on her chest; Zooey is brown and black with slashes of white on her neck; and Chester is a little darker than his sisters with nearly equal black and tan markings.

Other puppies available include Allison, a white Hound mix who has a deep affection for tennis balls; Cletus, a feisty, tan Shepherd mix; Hershey, a sweet-faced, chocolate brown Retriever mix; and Arthur, a tan Labrador Retriever mix, who loves to play tug of war (and usually wins).

So come visit the shelter and find a warm puppy or two to adopt. The more puppies that find homes, the more new candidates we can move to the adoption floor, and the better our chances of giving them all a wonderful, long life.

Their lives are in our hands.