Testimony of a FOTAS volunteer

The success of reducing the live release rate from 5% to 85% at the Aiken County Animal Shelter over the past ten years and saving 4,079 animals this year is in no small part a testament to the passion and commitment of FOTAS volunteers.

They come to the Shelter, without fail, every day (including holidays) to walk the dogs and love-up the cats. They help the folks who manage dog play groups with the logistics. They introduce potential adopters to canine prospects out in the yard or accompany folks to the separate facility that houses the adoptable cat colony. They make sure every dog is settled down with a toy and a treat before they leave. They man the front desk, answer calls from the public, help with paper work. They help with off-site adoption events. They foster animals selected for transfer to other rescue agencies in the north. They foster mama dogs and their puppies (or mama cats and their kittens) until the babies are weaned and ready for adoption. They help market the animals through social and print media. They work fundraisers and special events.

Bella spending some “me” time with a FOTAS volunteer.
Bella spending some “me” time with a FOTAS volunteer.

All told, the FOTAS volunteers perform the work of eight to ten full-time employees

We at FOTAS cannot believe our good fortune. We work hard to make certain that the volunteer experience at the Shelter is a good one, so when we received the following letter from volunteer, Pat Miles, along with a financial donation, our hearts skipped a little beat.

Dear Jennifer Miller and the entire Board of Directors,

I would like to take this opportunity as 2017 is coming to an end to express my admiration and thanksgiving for all that FOTAS is doing for the animals of Aiken.

 I have been volunteering at the Aiken County Shelter for three-plus years, and the changes that have taken place at the Shelter have been breathtaking. You deserve so much credit for your compassion, energy and love for all of the unwanted and abandoned animals of Aiken. I have seen this first-hand.

I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for all of the Shelter staff, starting with Bobby Arthurs who is an amazing manager and person. The adoption staff of Hillary, Mary, and Bob are heroes in my eyes as they care so much for the lives of all the creatures in their care.

The administrative staff of Rachel, Peggy and Hope are dedicated to the welfare of animals, too.  Dr. Levy, the medical staff and custodians who spend their day caring for the sick and injured animals deserve recognition as well.

Words cannot express what all of your and their actions inspire. I am privileged to work with the shelter staff and volunteers. I truly receive more than I give from both the two-legged, as well as the four-legged, friends I have made.

I couldn’t have said it better. To all of our volunteers … thank you.

FOTAS always needs more volunteers and fosters, so if you are interested, please email us at info@fotasaiken.org or leave us a message on the FOTAS Hotline at (803) 514-4313.

Their lives are in our hands.

By Joanna D. Samson, FOTAS Vice President

By the Numbers

In 2017, FOTAS and the Aiken County Animal Shelter saved 4,079 dogs and cats!


Pets of the Week

NELL POTW JAN 14Nell: Retriever mix, female, 1-1/2 years old, tan, 42 pounds – $0 (adoption fee paid for by FOTAS donator)

katla and cordelia

KATLA & CORDELIA: Domestic shorthair, female, 8 months old, Calico, 6 pounds – $20 for bonded pair