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Biscuit is Heartworm Free and Living the Good Life

It is uplifting to see how happy Biscuit is now that he has a home with a family that loves him. This sweet 9-year-old mixed breed is one of those special dogs you never forget. In fact, Dr. Lisa Levy, the Aiken County Animal Shelter’s (ACAS) Veterinarian, said Biscuit is one of her favorite dogs […]

A Challenge Named Biscuit

I recently faced my most challenging case since I started working at the shelter. Biscuit was a “neighborhood dog.” The woman who brought him in said he showed up every few days and she would feed him. She had not seen him for three days when he showed up that Tuesday morning. She called the […]

Nine-year-old Aiken boy raises more than $400 for shelter’s heartworm positive dogs

Alex Mastromonico is on a mission to help the homeless animals at the Aiken County Animal Shelter (ACAS). The nine-year-old heard about FOTAS’s “Have a Heart, Save a Heart” program, a fund which supplements the treatment of heartworm positive dogs at the shelter, and decided he wanted to pitch in to this life-saving effort. With […]

Lost, mud-covered pup leads family to love Bully mix breeds

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications Five years ago, Lauren Kilbreth was heading home after a job interview when she passed some little kids running from a mud-covered puppy. Lauren wasn’t in the best part of town, it was cold and pouring rain, and she was dressed in one of her best business suits […]

The Shelter, FOTAS and the case of the scrawny yellow dog

By Joanna D. Samson, FOTAS Vice President. When the Aiken County Animal Control officer picked up the scrawny yellow dog roving the County roads, they were taken aback by his condition. His left eye was damaged. His coat was dull and matted. He had lost patches of hair all over his body, revealing irritated, scabby […]

Heartworm Positive Dogs Can Be Great, Longtime Companions

By Bob Gordon, FOTAS Communications Director Most everyone knows heartworms are a threat to dogs, especially in the warm climate of the South. But what many people might not realize is that heartworm disease is seldom a death sentence. In fact, dogs with this condition can live happy, high quality lives as long as they […]

Adopting a Healthy Heartworm Positive Dog: A Talk With the Doctor

  By Joanna Dunn Samson You’ve decided it’s time to adopt a dog. You pack up the kids and head over to the new Aiken County Animal Shelter to check out some prospects. A volunteer introduces you to Duke, a 35-pound, black and tan border collie/shepherd cross. Duke is frisky, alert and well-behaved. He loves […]