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Biscuit is Heartworm Free and Living the Good Life

It is uplifting to see how happy Biscuit is now that he has a home with a family that loves him. This sweet 9-year-old mixed breed is one of those special dogs you never forget. In fact, Dr. Lisa Levy, the Aiken County Animal Shelter’s (ACAS) Veterinarian, said Biscuit is one of her favorite dogs […]

The Joy of Being a Camp Counselor for Dogs

Fostering dogs is like being a camp counselor. Every couple of weeks new friends arrive. Dogs that stay from five to seven days become more social, more trusting because they are cared for and loved. How does fostering work? We went to the Aiken County Animal Shelter and a FOTAS volunteer gave us a tour. […]

The Mystery of Hilde

Hilde is a beautiful blonde with a big, goofy smile, and eyes as gold as her heart. She was always a favorite among FOTAS volunteers and the Aiken County Animal Shelter staff – everyone wanted to spend a little “me” time with Hilde. She is one of the sweetest, people-craving, kid-loving dogs we’ve ever known, […]

A Challenge Named Biscuit

I recently faced my most challenging case since I started working at the shelter. Biscuit was a “neighborhood dog.” The woman who brought him in said he showed up every few days and she would feed him. She had not seen him for three days when he showed up that Tuesday morning. She called the […]

Old shelter dog teaches his senior adopter some new tricks

Last July, I lost Jake, my 10-year-old black Labrador retriever. With the start of a new year, I felt ready to start seeking a new dog for our home. As I am in my 80th year, I didn’t feel comfortable adopting a very young dog. I wanted a dog that was more my speed, one […]

Nine-year-old Aiken boy raises more than $400 for shelter’s heartworm positive dogs

Alex Mastromonico is on a mission to help the homeless animals at the Aiken County Animal Shelter (ACAS). The nine-year-old heard about FOTAS’s “Have a Heart, Save a Heart” program, a fund which supplements the treatment of heartworm positive dogs at the shelter, and decided he wanted to pitch in to this life-saving effort. With […]

One Less Leg, Just as Much Love

Dr. Lisa Levy, ACAS Veterinarian Three years ago, a small, scared, black dog came into the shelter. Her right rear leg was missing below the knee, leaving the end of the broken bone exposed. She also had a deep scar around her neck from a past embedded collar. Normally she would have been euthanized, but […]

A Cinderella Story: The adoption of Xena, The Warrior Princess

By Joanna D. Samson, FOTAS Vice President Blossom wasn’t the prettiest dog in the County Shelter, not by a long shot. Her muted gray brindle coat was dull and ratty; her skin was rough; and her teats were saggy from indiscriminate breeding. Overall, Blossom had the haggard look of a dog that had been neglected, […]

Roxy: Another heartworm positive dog is adopted and saved

by Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications It is mid-May and Roxy is crying out from her kennel at the Aiken County Animal Shelter. The disappointment of being passed over by visitors while dogs around her get adopted is upsetting her. The 3-year-old, black Retriever mix needs to find a forever home before her frustration […]

Treated heartworm positive dogs live full and happy lives

by Bob Gordon, FOTAS Director of Communications “Hugo is rambunctious and playful, but he really stood out at the shelter because while all the dogs were barking around him, he just walked past them very quietly, like he was the coolest dog in the room,” said Connie Williams, who, along with her husband, Daniel, adopted […]